• Investment Banking Services

    MWI Consultants Inc has a corresponding solution for any need you may have. Our Account Managers can either manage your portfolio for you or you may opt to manage it directly yourself; hence, you have various options on how you want to manage your investment portfolio.

    Advisory Services

    In case you want to make your own investment decisions and trade actively but do not have the resources and time to do so, our Advisory Services will be your representative.

    Our Advisory Services will obtain for you the best options in a dynamic financial market, while directing the investment process yourself. Our counselors will offer expert insight and suggestions, regularly assisting you with interactive advice that constantly takes into account your risk limitations.

    MWI Consultants Inc offers these benefits of our Advisory Services

    1. Innovative investment concepts and expert recommendations
    2. Direct access to our specialists and a dedicated dealer for personalized assistance
    3. Superior execution capabilities
    4. Active trading support
    5. Access to a long list of brokers
    6. A wide selection of securities
    7. Competitive pricing

    Discretionary Services

    Our Discretionary Portfolio Management service provides you a team of expert portfolio managers to whom you can confidently entrust your investment decisions.

    Having a mix of eight discretionary portfolios customized over a broad range of client risk-levels allows us to efficiently manage the portfolios to seize bright opportunities and minimize risks on your behalf.

    Benefits of Discretionary Services

    1. A team-approach for efficient performance
    2. Robust risk management using diversified risk sources
    3. Security selection based on research
    4. Consistent risk monitoring
    5. An excellent track-record. Our returns have consistently exceeded our portfolio benchmarks over a rolling five year period.
    6. Investment limits applied across asset classes, country and industry exposure
    7. Quality Research and Broad Product Selection

  • Safeguarding Your Financial Future

    Pondering upon ways to build up your wealth involves one of the main concerns you will face today. MWI Consultants Inc offer you a strong protection for your financial future by delivering counseling and planning services MWI Consultants Inc deem best suited to help you attain your financial objectives.

    Finding A Risk Profile That Suits You

    Our major thrust in serving clients is to match their risk expectations as a vital factor in a financial strategy. Hence, MWI Consultants Inc only deliver investments that suit a particular risk-profile you will be comfortable with and at the same time obtain the level of profitability that satisfies your long-term needs.

    Considering that your financial needs or and situation may change in time, as they always do to some degree, MWI Consultants Inc aim to collaborate with clients and work with them hand-in-hand to manage their portfolios and suggest necessary changes when required. Moreover, MWI Consultants Inc will submit up-to-date status reports and assessments that offer a clear and comprehensive perspective of your financial progress.

    Creating the Right Strategy for Your Investment

    Our commitment is to create a financial plan for you utilizing a well-designed investment strategy which requires allotting assets over a central portfolio with other related Investments. The procedure blends an investment approach supported by international economic research and extensive analysis into every particular type of securities available for you.

    With the investment industry continually changing in time, MWI Consultants Inc assures our clients of the best information and prospects by utilizing the most up-to-date market technology available. Together with our track-record and know-how, MWI Consultants Inc is in a better position than the rest of our competitors to map out a bright and obstacle-free road toward your financial success.

    Investment with the personal touch

    MWI Consultants Inc does not consider any client just another portfolio account but a person with needs and dreams. Your personal choices and goals will serve as the foundation for a truly customized strategy MWI Consultants Inc will work together to create and which will represent your entire character.

    Likewise, MWI Consultants Inc firmly believes that the more you have access to valuable information, the more confident you are to make sound financial decisions. As a result, MWI Consultants Inc are in a better position likewise to devise and fine-tune a portfolio that is best suited to your objectives as well as being consistent with your values.

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  • Successful Asset Management

    MWI Consultants is a globally-known Financial Planning Consultancy Service providing good financial strategies and advisory to top net-worth companies, families and Individuals.

    Experienced, Dedicated, Financial Professionals

    Effective asset management demands great expertise - our team of highly-qualified, dedicated Researchers Possess the capability to engage in international equity markets. Moreover, our full advice is diligently founded on comprehensive research and analysis, ALLOWING you the confidence to expect and Attain The Highest benefits out of the Opportunities we open up for you.

    Complementing our expert team is our wide network of more than fifty global Intermediaries and affiliates, Offering our customers access to a broad spectrum of The Most reputable global investments. Included in this network are --other professionals, Such As bankers, stockbrokers, accountants and solicitors Who augment our Ability to Provide The Most judicious, consistent and dependable advice.

    Ensuring our customers of Obtaining a specialist-created portfolio mix demands our Devising open-architecture year product platform backed up by investment specialists with track records in various of asset types Such As Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange and Derivatives, Funds and Alternative Investments, and Structured Products.

    Bespoke Strategies Tailored to You

    We do not in accordance to the common practice of Some Who concurrents do not offer out-of-the-box solutions. We provide Entirely bespoke services through our account managers Who patiently Develop a comprehensive assessment of your present financial condition as well as your goals prior to Creating a method of approach and the Corresponding recommendations.

    The Plans and methods will Incorporate We provide daily, monthly, and yearly and Measures Each map or schedule is separate completely. The Develop Approaches we aim to Enhance long-term development and short-term benefits.

    When MWI Consultants obtains a full perspective of the customer's financial circumstances Each, Then it conducts an extensive study of 'the Entire market' to determine the MOST viable options for Maintaining and Enhancing the customer's portfolio.

    Perfectly Placed to Meet Your Needs

    Operating in Singapore, MWI Consultants is one of Southeast Asia's top full service institutional and retail-brokerage firms. It has Remained as one of Asia's Most reputable respecté and financial-services providers of icts kind.

    Possessing an efficient infrastructure, a very steady financial-services sector and a well-trained workforce, Singapore allows companies MWI Such As Consultants to deliver excellent international investment solutions.

    Accessible, Transparent Communication


    MWI Consultants adhered to the vital role communication plays in making That sour your objective are satisfied. Our Account Managers stand ready at all times to Provide solutions to your issues and expert guidance. Likewise, we assure customers of our commitment to Provide a transparent Clearly and friendly service to our customers, Eliminating complex financial lingo Offering and simple, direct and honest communication.

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